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Red Ribbon Trails

(A program of FCAN)

Returning Volunteer Update Form

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Personal Information

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1) Will you be bringing medications to the retreat/camp?

2) If yes, do any of your medications require refrigeration?

Red Ribbon Trails recommends that all attendees have had a tetanus shot within the last 10 years or receive a booster before attending a Red Ribbon Trails event.

(TB Tests are recommend but not required.)

Red Ribbon Trails recommends all attendees to have been tested for TB within the last year.  Those who have tested positive for TB in the past must provide a letter, (dated within the last year), from their physician advising of their TB status and their ability to attend and/or work at a retreat/camp with immune comprised attendees, including HIV+ persons, to attend Red Ribbon Trails events.

Emergency contact information

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Evening phone

Interests and experience

Please list any specific interests/talents you would like to share with campers.

Would you be willing to lead an activity?
If YES, what activity?

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Physical activities

Do you have experience in any of these sports? If so, which?

Are you currently a certified lifeguard?

Musical activities

Do you play any musical instruments? If so, which?


Are you familiar with printing digital photos?

If yes, are you Macintosh proficient?

Creative activities

Do you have any specialties?

Therapeutic activities

Please list specific training and certification

Age groups: Indicate age group(s) with which you have most experience or prefer to work.

Volunteer applicant agreement, consent, and release

This form must be initialed and signed. Please download the form below, sign and return to:
Red Ribbon Trails
c/o Deborah Vazquez,
53 W. Jackson #304
Chicago, IL 60604

Fax 312/786-9203

Click here to download PDF form.

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