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Programs and Services
Family Options

The Family Options Project offers legal and social work services to families in Chicago’s Cook County area when at least one parent is HIV-positive.  It is the program’s goal to help families make future care and custody choices for their children.  Services are provided free of charge to families.

Red Ribbon Trails

Red Ribbon Trails offers therapeutic and educational retreats for Illinois families affected by HIV/AIDS with children between the ages of two and seventeen. The series of retreats is designed specifically for HIV-affected families throughout the state of Illinois. In May 2007, FCAN expanded its program to include retreats for HIV-positive and affected teenagers. At these events, family members find people to talk to; fun and educational activities; information and education regarding HIV; recreation and respite; and the opportunity to create long-lasting memories. All retreats are free to families and volunteers.

Chicago Roundtable and Downstate Caucus

FCAN’s Chicago Roundtable and Downstate Caucus are a series of meetings that offer family members and service providers the opportunity to learn about current issues facing HIV-affected families. Recent meeting and training topics have included assisting families with making future care plans for their children, obtaining public benefits for HIV-affected families, disclosure of an HIV diagnosis, legacy projects, and rapid HIV testing. Check our Upcoming Events.

Positive Planning Project

FCAN provides support to Caregivers in all Illinois communities who would benefit from professional assistance disclosing status information to children in homes impacted by HIV/AIDS. 

The Positive Planning Project offers confidential consultations with an FCAN-affiliated psychologist in or near the home cities of your clients, in individual or in small Caregiver group sessions. 

Birth parents and other caregivers who feel challenged to start or continue the disclosure process with the family’s HIVor HIVchildren and youth are ideal referral candidates for The Project

Providers can call the FCAN Office at 312-855-9000 to talk over potential referrals.


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group
FCAN's Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group is a 5-week support group held by FCAN's MSW social workers and designed to support the unique needs of older caregivers raising young children. Within the HIV-affected community, many older caregivers have assumed the responsibility of raising grandchildren after the loss of a primary caregiver. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group is a place for older caregivers to receive peer and professional support to best prepare them for the issues they face in their new roles. Past groups have demonstrated increases in coping with loss, stress, and increased education levels about issues specific to HIV-affected families.
Children's Grief and Loss Support Group
FCAN's Children's Grief and Loss Support Groups are structured 10-week support groups held by FCAN's MSW social workers and designed to help grieving, HIV-affected children access the support they need. Children may have lost parents or caregivers to HIV or to other factors in order to be eligible for grief services. Groups focus on talking about loss, supporting healthy coping skills, and educating children about the process of grief. Past groups have demonstrated increases in overall resilience, grief education levels, willingness to discuss personal grief and loss, and positive coping skills among participants.